Auto Parts ^ Accessories

Our range includes everything that has to do within the auto electrical industry. One can also find parts which are exclusively imported by us and locally hard to find.

Alternators and Genarator Components
• Regulators
• Rectifiers
• Stators
• Bearings
• Pulleys
• Brackets etc

Starter Motors / DC Motors / Dynastarter Components
• Armatures
• Drives
• Solenoids
• Brush Sets
• Bushing etc.

Tools and wide range Installation accessories
• Cable and Cable products
• Trailer plugs and sockets
• Terminals and Connectors
• Fuses and Fuse Holders
• Adhesives (with particular reference to JB Weld)

Workshop equipment
• Battery Chargers and Boosters
• Tools
• Multimeters
• Testing Equipment
• Diesel Parts
• Glow Plugs
• Glow Plug Relays
• Wide Range of electrical and mechanical feed pumps and special tools upon request

Switches and Sensors
• Brake Lights
• Reverse Lights
• Oil Pressure
• Fan Switches
• Oxygen Sensors
• All types of switches including electric window switches and custom fit ignition switches specializing in Italian and French cars

Vast range of lighting
• Multi-function Lamps
• Rotating and Strobe Beacon Lights
• Bulbs
• Work lamps also LED’s
• Reflector

• Electric Ignition Coils
• Ignition Modules
• Pick-up coils for distributor

• Complete Range of Relays i.e normal relays
• High consumption, special relays etc
• Flasher units for cars and commercial vehicles
• Timing Devices
• Glow Plug Relays

Other Electrical Parts and accessories
• Audio equipment (speakers ,antennas, installation fittings)
• Fuel injection pumps
• Wiper and wiper motors
• Radiator fans
• Horns (electromagnetic and air horns for trucks)
• Voltage Convertors and invertors